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photos from England! chapter 2

photos from England!

this summer

This summer was the best one in my entire life... yess, i awlays have something which's soo special for me in every summer, but this one is, when i cant choose just one favourite memory...
I havent been at too many places... "just" in England!
and it was awesome! those 3 weeks changed my life, honestly! Well, i used to hate the Uk and all those british things... if i had to choose, i was more a fan of the US, than the UK! my 1st thing on my '50 things i want to do before i die" was to go to America, and be there for a year... but after England, im not sure i ever wanna go there for that much time!
in those 3 weeks, i had 3 favourite days, but all of them were great, sometimes funny, sometimes tiring...
1)The day when we traveled to MAnchester, and were in the Old Trafford stadium... the theatre of dreams... yeah, it was soo pretty... i just missed some football players, but never mind! i'll meet them some time...
2)The 1st day in church... i so remember everything... i prepared a lot before, because the 1st expression has to be good.. really good! And when we entered the Gateway Centre... haha, noo, nithing special happened, but it was amazing, the worship band had a practise, and they sang the Happy day by Tim Hughes, and everyone knows thats one of my favourite song... or if you didnt know, just remember!
and the service was so blessed, Pete preached, and i've learned so many things there... and after the service, lots of people came to us and they were so kind! i was suprised that i could understand most of the things... well, they have pretty cool accent, i'll learn that one day! :)
3)The last Monday in England for a while... what happened then? i was at the seaside!! :) it was amazing! Jonny took me there, and i really loved it... Scarborough! i definitely go back there! and in the car we listened to different kind of songs, and that was one, what i hadnt heard before! True love by Phil Whickam! its beautiful(: if someday you'll read this blog: i just wanna say, THANK YOU! (:

enough for today, i'll keep writing tomorrow, and upload some photos too!

i loove England! (more than the US)

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i think i hate this day... hope its gonna be much better soon...

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